Consumer Behaviour in Tourism Symposium

The  Consumer Behaviour in Tourism Symposium (CBTS) provides an opportunity for tourism researchers and practitioners from all over the world to exchange scientific ideas and results and discuss new and emerging directions in the field.

Key Dates

An additional special edition, CBTS - Emerging Topics 2023, organised by University of Trier, will take place from 7 to 9 December.

CBTS-ET 2023

Registration deadline Nov 26


CBTS 2024

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”CBTS provided ample opportunity to network with academics researching consumer behaviour in tourism. A combination of inspiring keynote addresses, contextualised research, and industry workshops which focused on exploring the managerial and operational influence of the key thematic areas, made CBTS an invaluable platform for immersing oneself into a broad range of current topics.”

— Dr Emma Pope, University of Derby (2018)


CBTS 2023 will take place on the beautiful and vibrant Campus of Breda University of Applied Sciences, in the Netherlands.

From May 31 to June 2, the Academy of Tourism will welcome Academics and Industry Experts, to discuss the conference’s theme but also to visit the welcoming city of Breda.